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The Whisper Stream

by The Whisper Stream

Released 2017
Released 2017
Listening to The Whisper Stream may cause an intense visceral experience with chunky guitars, psychedelic keyboards, a driving yet thoughtful rhythm section and of course a voice for the ages.
The Whisper Stream hails from southeastern Wisconsin. In the 1980s and 1990s this area was a hotbed of rock music producing bands with genres ranging from the folk punk madness of the Violent Femmes to roots rock of the BoDeans to the hard rock sounds of Bad Boy and literally everything in between. This was the time when the seeds of The Whisper Stream were planted. Two hardworking touring bands of that time, Wally Cleaver and Untrained Laymen played many shows together in those years and members became life long friends. In the fall of 2015 two former members of Untrained Laymen Skip Carlson and Scotty Olsen began writing and recording demos with their two sons Trevor Carlson and Evan Olsen . Not long after Steven Leger formerly of Wally Cleaver was asked to join the project. Over the next year 21 demos were complete and it was time to get into the studio and begin recording. The band is excited to now share the resulting album "The Whisper Steam" with you!

Whisper Steam meaning:
A term describing the method by which information (whether true or false) flows through a society. Suggestive of the secrecy as well as the unpredictable and unstoppable nature of informal communication. The term differs from grapevine, which suggests individual truths, passed from person to person.


Skip Carlson: Guitars, Keyboards

Scotty Olsen: Bass Guitar

Trevor Carlson: Drums, Percussion

Evan Olsen: Guitars

Steven Leger: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

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