Many Thanks To:

Chris "Wisco" Djuricic, Owner and sound engineer of Belle City Sound in Racine WI where this album was recorded, mixed, and mastered. This album project was a huge undertaking in many ways and Chris handled everything we could throw at him with grace, patience, and masterful diplomacy. Our dependence and trust in Chris truly made him an irreplaceable member of the band.

Rebecca Eisel, Nicholas Hoyt, Rich Smith, and Paul Reese Stage, lighting, effects, and sound, taking care of business during our video shoot of "That's Alright" at the 6th street theater. 

Bill Sherry, Videographer, Taking charge and getting it done for our video shoot of "That's Alright" at the 6th street theater.

Ron Schulz, Graphic Artist extraordinaire who took our half-baked ideas and turned them into awesome album art! 

Our Beloved Families, for selflessly allowing us to spend hundreds of hours away from them to pursue this wild dream. 

Our Friends and Fans, for the endless encouragement throughout this album project. Without you there would be no point!